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Shower grout repair is just one of our areas of expertise. With 20 years of service, we have the tools and knowledge to properly remove the grout prior to re-grouting tile. When replacing grout, we use a special electric tool (not a dremel) to remove the old grout, to create a void so the new grout will adhere. Before performing any tile and grout repair, we also clean the tile to remove any soap scum. We also replace all old caulk when we re-grout tile; we don’t just cover up the old existing grout.  Restoring to new is what we do.

For a FREE estimate

on shower grout repair,

call (918) 748-3030 – 24/7!

For a FREE estimate on shower grout repair, call

 (918) 748-3030 – 24/7!

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